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We all love the overwhelming feelings of appreciation and importance receiving a bunch of flowers evokes; and the team at Card & Vase wants to take the experience of sending and receiving flowers to the next designer dimension. The Card & Vase is set to revolutionise the way the floral industry sends flowers and the ease in which the receiver can enjoy their special moment for as long as possible. Together with its inbuilt greeting card, Card & Vase makes sending flowers a floral breeze! Our team are continually committed to ensuring that feeling of receiving the beautiful sentiment of flowers all that more unique and personalised. Thanks to Card & Vase’s cutting edge design and concept, not only can you choose the colour scheme of your bouquet but also a custom designer vase that complements your special message of gratitude and love. The Card & Vase team believes that this is what the Australian Floral Industry has been missing. The days of having to send your special sentiment in unattractive drab cardboard boxes or having to spend on expensive glass cylinders is over. Each Card & Vase product has been designed using impeccable design fundamentals and the range is extensive and vast so there is something for every taste on every occasion! Using superior quality materials and innovative design approaches, Card & Vase is the only way to send and receive our gifts of love. Each vase is water tight and easy to assemble in just 3 steps! Card & Vase is the sophisticated, convenient and designer solution to what the floral and greeting card industry has been waiting for! Don’t delay…. send yours today! Enjoy shopping online. Buy Online Now and Save!