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Ectol Protect and Grow - Organic Plant Fertiliser. Plant Products Online offers a range of Hedging Plants enjoy shopping online. Buy Online Now and Save!

Ectol Protect and Grow is an Organic Plant Fertiliser and Plant Nutrient developed to Stimulate Plant Growth, maintain Plant Hydration whilst Boosting your Plants overall Health and Disease Resistance. Perfect for the entire Garden!

Ectol has been used for over 7 years in Horticulture and Broadacre with proven results, results now being seen by many gardeners.

Ectol is a complete multi-nutrient and Plant Food for your garden, lawn and pot plants. Get the most out of your plants.

       "Stimulate Plant Growth"
Ectol Protect and Grow is an Organic Plant Fertiliser, or Fertilizer developed to Boost Plant Growth, Plant Health and Increase Plant Disease Resistance in the Garden. Ectol Protect and Grow has been specifically designed to reduce Plant Diseases and improve your Plants Growth. Ectol Protect and Grow is the Perfect Plant Food, really a complete Fertiliser. If you are looking to Grow Plants then Ectol Protect and Grow is the right Fertilizer for you. Here at Plant Products Online we understand Growing Plants can be challenging, so if you are wondering How to Grow Plants, then try Ectol Protect and Grow today, it is the Perfect Plant Food. Whether you are considering Growing Tomatoes, Growing Potatoes, Growing Vegetables or just simply wondering How To Garden, Ectol Protect and Grow is the right Fertiliser to make Gardening simple and easy, with quick results. Ectol Protect and Grow has proven results and trial data that proves this Fertilizer reduces Tree Diseases and Plant Diseases, for example reducing Leaf Spot. When it comes to your Lawns, Ectol Protect and Grow is the perfect Fertiliser to help you Grow perfect Green Grass, great for Lawn Care. When Planting you need to consider Plant Nutrition, users have found Ectol Protect and Grow to reduce Transplant Shock and help with Plant Care. Happy Gardening from the Plant Products Online Team.